Friday, March 23, 2007

- The blanket has begun it Continental trek

Hey all you charity knitters,

Shandeh has finished her portion of the blanket!!! You know what that means....the blanket has begun its international odyssey!!! From Shandeh's hands it will travel across the US/Canada border and into the hands of Dangles.

Included with the blanket is; a memo with instructions on what each person should do, a notebook for us to use as a journal during the knitting of the blanket, and a dryer sheet in with the blanket as well, to keep it smelling fresh during all its travels.

How exciting is this?!?


Sharon said...

Yay! I'm so excited. Even though I'm pretty far down on the list and have a long wait ahead of me, I've already decided on what stitch I want to do in my section and am practicing!

I have two questions, not sure if here is the right place to ask them, but it seemed as good as any.

First, are we going to get our own Charity Blanket #2 Knitalong taggy thing to put in our sidebar and signatures?


Second, are the individual knitters going to have access to make posts to this blog?

ILovely said...

Oh how fun.

Can you guys post pics as it goes along?

I'm just too inexperienced to participate in something like this, but I'd love to watch the progress.

unkoine said...

Sharon, We will keep using the original Oddball Blanket button for all the blankets.

It's here:

We are allowing access to the blog if you request it in the KH forum.

Thanks for the encouragement! We'll DEFINITELY be posting photos, so just keep watching for updates!

By the way, you are NOT too inexperienced for this. Most of us are just knitting every row! :)

Jenn said...

Yay I can't wait for it to arrive.

* Sharon cute little baby.

Bobi1218 said...

Yay!! I think everyone should knit faster, so I have my turn sooner :) J/K, I'm just really excited to participate in something like this!