Saturday, March 17, 2007

- What will it look like?

We will each be knitting approximately 3 inches on rows that are 300 stitches long, using a washable worsted weight yarn. There have been questions regarding color and pattern. The color and the pattern is left up to each knitter. Part of the fun of this blanket is it will be multi-colored, some portions will be garter stitch (knit every row), some will have cables, and who knows what else. Knitters are wonderfully creative people, and this blanket will be unique! Each participant has two weeks to complete their portion of the blanket.

A dedicated needle will be used for this blanket, so no one will have to go buy a needle. Additionally, people have mentioned the desire for a lifeline. If you don't know how to do a lifeline, here is a how to video. If you prefer written instructions here they are.

At the end, the blanket should measure approximately 60 inches by 80 inches, after a border has been added. The border will be added by Shandeh.

To make things more fun, we'll be writing about ourselves and our involvement in the project in a small notebook which will be traveling with the blanket. We'll also be adding some photos if we want.

All of the photos posted on KH will be posted on this blog.

We haven't chosen a definite charity yet, but we have plenty of time to decide. Right now, we are considering the Salvation Army Homeless Shelters, Warm the World, or a battered women's shelter.

The first blanket has been received by the fourth participant. So far everyone who has knitted on the blanket has sent the next person in line a little present. People have gotten yarn, CDs, homemade cards, etc. The people of KH are wonderful, and giving people.

As soon as a final list of Blanket #2 participants has been compiled, the names will be added to the right hand side of this blog, in order of who will receive it. You can track the progress, by looking next to every one's name. If they have finished the blanket you will see "-done" next to their name.

As of today at 4:12p.m. California time, we still need 11 people. As soon there are 25 participants the blanket will get started. Shandeh has already cast-on the 300 stitches.

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