Wednesday, March 21, 2007

- Updated list of knitters

Here are the confirmed knitters for blanket #2:

Shandeh (North Carolina)
Dangles (Canada)
lucky_alf2 (Arizona)
jamadian75 (Florida)
itsjustmeghan (Illinois)
stacy.duval (Texas) losnana (Virginia)
humblestumble (Texas)
AnreeAce (Oregon)
beckyrhae (Texas)
REVS (Washington)
SharonB13 (Alabama)
MarDi (New Hampshire)
scarlettbegonias1 (North Carolina)
RiverDaughter (Wyoming)
bobi1218 (Maryland)
kristinw (New Hampshire) P
aperGirl (Texas)
ElenTikvah (Wisconsin)
LadyB (Arizona)
Rennagayle (Texas)
Ginger0104 (California)

Here are the names and locations of those who are definite knitters. We have three pending knitters: XbelovedXoneX (Detroit area), knitknut (Texas), and mjscott. That means if XbelovedXoneX, knitnut, and mjscott do get signed up, there will be only pinch knitter spaces left. Pinch knitters are very important. We all know that life happens and sometimes people will be unable to knit on the blanket due to no fault of their own. So if you are still interested definitely get your name in!!!

Since Shandeh has already cast-on and started knitting, as soon as the last 3 knitters are confirmed, I'm pretty sure the blanket will be ready to go to the next person on the list. Be sure Shandeh has your mailing address, so you too can knit on the beautiful charity blanket.

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