Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yay!!! The RESURRECTION of the Blanket!!

WOW!! Our first attempt at our blanket somehow survived traveling through the hands and trucks of postal carriers all over the world, and ended up at it's original destination.


So now, everything is right in the world.
beautiful world

Dangles in Canada is now able to knit her portion of the blanket, so we'll keep you updated on the details as the days go by.

I'm setting aside the other blanket I started, so we can make ANOTHER blanket together. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

- Rebirth of the Second Oddball Charity Blanket!

According to Shandeh, the second incarnation of the blanket is ready to go. She is going to mail it off soon, at a different post office than the one she used last time. We are all hoping the blanket will not mysteriously turn into a giraffe this time. :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Let's try this thing again!

Oh well, after our "singing monkey" fiasco, it would have been easy to throw in the towel.

But, we're talking about a lot of hard-headed knitting women here, with LOTS of yarn on their hands.

So, we're plugging along.

Here's our SECOND beginning to our Oddball Charity Blanket #2
(edited April, 2007 - this will now be the beginning of our 4th Oddball Blanket!)
2nd Attempt at Our Oddball Blanket #2

Thursday, April 19, 2007

- Singing Monkey

Well, as you all know our blanket has magically transformed itself into a singing monkey. Yup, a purple singing monkey at that. Here is a picture of the "blanket" thanks to Dangles.

Apparently the Monkey is really purple, Dangles stated the lighting makes it appear pink. You should be able to view the video on the right hand side of the blog. I believe all you need to do to see the monkey in action is click on the thumbnail on the right hand side.

If not here is the link to the monkey on youtube.com.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's all have a moment of silence for our lost blanket....

Bummer! The postal people mixed up our packages and mailed our 2nd Oddball Blanket to ITALY!!!
sad puppy
Oh well.....that's the breaks.

So, we'll have to wipe our tears, and just make another one!

Now, doesn't that make you feel better?
happy gorilla

- BREAKING NEWS: Blanket made a side trip!

Hi all,
We haven't updated in a while because the blanket was en route. Now we all thought it was en route to Dangles in Canada....but somehow the blanket ended up in Italy?!? Here is Shandeh's post on the subject: (get ready for a giggle)

Hello everyone!!!

We have some bad news about our afghan.

It was mailed to ITALY by mistake!!!

Ya gotta laugh about it though. I bet that lady in Italy is scratching her head trying to figure it out.
(Dangles got the package that should have gone to Italy today, and it has a singing monkey inside!)

SO......back to the drawing board....or should I say "knitting" board?

I can start another one and mail it to Dangles. No problem at all.

But, the sad thing is.....my gift to Dangles is gone now.

Just to let you know, it was a LOT of vintage knitting magazines. Oh well. I have lots more things in my craft room that I can share.

So there we are, to quote Shandeh "back to the knitting board". :-) Now we know why it was taking a while to get to Canada. I don't know if they know who it went to, or if it'll ever make it's way back to North America, but if it does it will be the most well traveled charity blanket in our Oddball history.

Another blanket will be begun, and sent out. So knitters stay strong, your turn will come, just a little later than expected.