Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oddball Blanket #2 - READY TO ROLL!!

Yes! We now have 25 knitters, ready to knit their portion of the Oddball Charity Blanket #2!

Shandeh has finished knitting the beginning section, and will be mailing it to Canada this weekend.

Here is the list of 25 knitters, IN ORDER!

Shandeh (North Carolina)
Dangles (Canada)
REVS (Washington)
AnreeAce (Oregon)
RiverDaughter (Wyoming)
Ginger0104 (California)
lucky_alf2 (Arizona)
beckyrhae (Texas)
knitknut (Texas)
humblestumble (Texas)
stacy.duval (Texas)
PaperGirl (Texas)
Rennagayle (Texas)
itsjustmeghan (Illinois)
ElenTikvah (Wisconsin)
XbelovedXoneX (Michigan)
MarDi (New Hampshire)
kristinw (New Hampshire)
stagebear (Pennsylvania)
bobi1218 (Maryland)
losnana (Virginia)
SharonB13 (Alabama)
jamadian75 (Florida)
LadyB (Arizona)
scarlettbegonias1 (North Carolina)

And here is our map, showing how the blanket will travel during its creation.

Oddball Charity Blanket #2 - Map

Let's get this party started!

Here is a picture of how the blanket looks right now. Shandeh is almost done with her portion.

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