Friday, March 16, 2007

- Who is signed up?

Well, it's been less than a day, and there is already an update. We only need 5 more knitters and we'll have ourselves a knit-along! Here are the people willing to donate their time and knitting skills (in no particular order):

Shandeh (North Carolina)
Dangles (Canada)
lucky_alf2 (Arizona)
jamadian75 (Florida)
itsjustmeghan (Illinois)
stacy.duval (Texas)
losnana (Virginia)
humblestumble (Texas)
AnreeAce (Oregon)
beckyrhae (Texas)
REVS (Washington)
SharonB13 (Alabama)
MarDi (New Hampshire)
scarlettbegonias1 (North Carolina)
RiverDaughter (Wyoming)
bobi1218 (Maryland)
kristinw (New Hampshire)
PaperGirl (Texas)
ElenTikvah (Wisconsin)
LadyB (Arizona)

There are 6 knitters who are interested in participating on both blankets. However, someone who has not yet participated in an Oddball Charity Blanket will have first priority if they would like to participate. Therefore, if there are 13 people out there who are interested in knitting for charity, let Shandeh know. You can find her on the Knitting Help forum ( or at the first Oddball Charity Blanket blog .

Now I would just like to point out that blanket number 2 will be an international blanket, with Canada joining to donate to charity!!

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