Monday, May 21, 2007

- REVS is done!!!

Well REVS finished her portion of the blanket and it looks WONDERFUL!!! She knitted her portion in the Butterfly pattern out of the Vogue Stitchionary. So our very pretty, much loved blanket will soon be winging it's way to Oregon!!! Here are some pictures.

An up close and personal look at the pattern:

A little farther away:

The whole blanket as it is so far:

A look at the "wrong" side.

Ok, we are now 3 knitters down! AnreeAce is the next on the list. It should be a pretty quick turn over, as the blanket will be traveling form Washington State to Oregon State. Since it won't be traveling internationally, it should be less likely to morph.
If anyone is interested in participating in Blanket #5, there are still 11 spots open. Here is the link to the forum for the fifth Oddball Charity blanket so people can sign up.
These are such special projects to participate in, I would highly suggest signing up! The men and women of KH are such amazing and giving people. It is a privilege to be a member!

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